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Pierrette's Livejournal

Petra Z.

Hello! (^_^)
My name is Petra and I am from Europe, from the Czech republic.
I use LJ only to participate in communities (like egl), I don't use it as a personal journal. There will be only very few post on my LJ.
I work as a computer programmer (web developer), and as my second job I run a little lolita brand Porcelain Doll.

I love:
♥ japanese fashion
♥ sewing pretty dresses
♥ reading romantic manga
♥ writing fairy tales stories
♥ walking through old towns
♥ visiting beautiful castles and gardens
♥ drinking tea and coffee
♥ dolls
♥ machines, computers and programs

♣ Porcelain Doll czech store / czech blog
my lookbook